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I am a foreigner staying in South Africa using asylum seeking permit to work for the past 5 years.

Recently, in October, I went to renew my permit and it was withheld. They gave me letter to leave the country, which is very difficult because there’s no money and I can’t leave my wife and 7 months old baby to go home.

I contracted a lawyer to help me get my permit, but it has been 6 months and he has only succeeded in opening a case and nothing else has been done. I went to work and my bosses gave me 8 months to go and fix my permit and come back. Now the situation is so bad that I am struggling to feed my family.

I went back to the lawyer to found out about my case and he chose to withdraw from the case without refunding me my money. I went to an agent to help fix my work permit. I got my passport from Nigeria embassy. The agent said it will cost me R20000 to get work permit and go back to work.

I have gone to friends, country brothers for help but, the ones ready to help only want me to sell drugs for them so that I can get paid to solve my problem. I will never sell drugs.

I need help to go back to my work.

Thank you in advance for any contributions to help me get a work permit.

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