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Freshly in my twenties, I was placed in a working world, understanding of finances – none. So as most young adults in SA when they start working they handle their finances incorrectly. And the Banks only want to make money out of you. They don’t care if you have to squeeze blood from a stone.

So the beginning of 2015, in my early Thirties, I saw the route I was going financially. I was borrowing from the one to pay the other. I had to put a stop to it. I had to learn how to handle finances properly – I placed myself under debt review.

The beginning was tough, but I have learned how to work with cash, stick to a budget and save for what I need or want.

Not long ago a friend told me about this site, so thought I would share my case.

I would love a boost to help me get ahead and start over.

I am currently studying. I would like to study further and would also like to travel to see my brother overseas, but cannot as I am pumping so much money to get rid of my debt.

Any assistance would be great.
Thank you


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