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Have you ever felt that what you are doing, as much as it is, is never good enough to get you anywhere in life? I am a hard working person, supporting my family the best I can and over the years have fallen short so many times financially that I have lost count. I have lost everything I own and rebuilt it enough times to honestly say that I have been through it all. These scenarios have however ruined my credit record and it is now to the point that I can no longer survive, I work really hard, 11 – 13 hours a day, 6 days a week. I never take off work for fear of missing an opportunity to make extra money.

I know and can really feel that if not me then at the very least my family deserve better. I help people all the time where I can and I am a down to earth good person who just can never make ends meet. All I want to do is clear my credit history so that I can eventually buy my family a home and save some money instead of making someone else rich by renting and buy a reliable car that doesn’t keep breaking, to do this, however, I need to clear all my previous debt that has accumulated from all my times of poverty, If anyone is out there, willing to help me, this is a plea for your help. Thank you.


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