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Good day,

My name is GT01358800. I’m a patient at Charlotte Manxele Johannesburg Academic Hospital. I’m in the Psychiatry unit for depression and anxiety. My prognosis is a borderline personality disorder. I attend therapy and psychiatric sessions. My current medication is Lamotrigine at 125mg in the morning and 150mg at night, with the possible addition of SSRI. The sessions I attend all have a price and is charged to my patient number. I am not working at the moment. The therapy sessions help me with my anxiety attacks and will end in June, then I may move on to DBT sessions. With the help of therapy, I will be in a better state of mind to search for employment. The psychiatry sessions will be on-going.

I need money to travel to the hospital, pay for my sessions, and also to buy my prescribed medication. Funds will also be needed for me to travel to and from interviews. I have kept my name private due to the stigma of mental illness (and my general anxiety). When I’m employed I will be able to handle all my medical needs and not have the anxiety about the money needed. Even assistance to obtain employment would be greatly appreciated (help me help myself).

The Patient number can be found in all of the photos above.

Your contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help

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