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Please see below the story is of my family in Zimbabwe

Hi, we came back to Zimbabwe from South Africa when we found out that my Mom-in-law had stage 4 lung cancer, we sold everything we had in the south to return to Zimbabwe. We are now unable to return to South Africa due to us selling up that side, my mom-in-law passed away about 3 weeks ago, which is a great loss as she was the matriarch of our family and we loved her dearly. Now my hubby and I are struggling to find work in Zimbabwe as are many others, but we have been put in a terrible situation where we have nowhere to live, no money, or food. Please understand we do not think we are owed anything as there are so many people struggling in this world today not just in Zimbabwe but we are reaching out for help, we are down on our knees for help as we just have nowhere else to turn.

We have been to churches for help and didn’t get any and literally walked the streets dropping CV’s at any company that would take them in hopes of someone helping us, one church here in Harare where I was baptized didn’t even answer my messages I left for them, I won’t name them as I wouldn’t want to embarrass them. Moving on, we are not asking to be aided so we don’t have to work we are asking so we can at least have a roof over our heads and safe place for our daughter until we can find work. We are truly embarrassed that it has come down to us asking like this, but we really have run out of options.

We are willing to do anything for work, my hubby is a very good at electrics, generators and a vast knowledge of working on heavy earth moving equipment, tractors, and vehicles, I am a qualified bookkeeper with a vast knowledge of administration etc. we are willing to work so please understand we are asking for help now as we have nothing.

I pray someone can help us.
Thanks and God Bless


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