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In 2015 starting out on our journey together, myself and my longtime girlfriend received the news that we were expecting our first born, after carefully planning and doing doctors visitations, and tests closer to her time, we found that it was going to be a boy. One could only imagine the joy we felt as this was a start for our little family, but nothing could have prepared us for what we soon learned a few months later after his birth on the 4th October 2015.

It’s was the type of news no parent want’s to hear- our son Keaton was diagnosed with a Medical Condition of the brain called Cerebral Palsy- We were shattered when we supposed to have been stronger, our relationship took a bad turn and we were angered, we blamed one another and it was as if the life we just started out together as we got married on the 7 May 2016 was busy falling apart.
The hospital stated that the cause of our son’s condition was something called Placental Disruption- this is when the umbilical cord brakes away from the sack which then starts robbing the baby’s brain of much needed oxygen. CP cannot be cured- it’s also called paralysis of the brain.My wife Felicia Petersen could not hold Keaton for about a month- as he was fed through tubes and he was hooked up to machines.

Those times were tough on us both, but we started praying for strength and had overwhelming support from both our friends and families- Keaton pulled through and is presently enrolled at the Miracle Kids Simulation Centre here in Port Elizabeth where he is actually progressing very well. We have gone to Counseling with a Phycologist that my work has gladly paid for and are presently adjusting our lives accordingly to make our son’s life as comfortable as possible, however, in the process, we have racked up a load of Debt up to about R70.000.00 and because I am the only worker in our RPD home – I basically had to go under administration because carrying the load of was way too much for my salary to handle.

Keaton turned 2 this year and we have to start making changes, alterations at home to start accommodating him, moving around the house as I’ve started thinking will become a challenge for him as he grows older, especially if he will be needing a wheelchair. I’d need a set of wheels as well because using public transport won’t work if we need to get him to the doctors or the hospital.
There so many things that we will need for Keaton, but not enough income for these things to happen.

We love our son and we want what’s best for him.

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