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Lainie, short for Madelaine is my daughter. She turned 30 in November. Beautiful soul. Heart of gold and always there for everyone. Madelaine suffers from epilepsy and also PCOS. She loves children, but at this stage, she can’t have any. Her epilepsy was not so bad until July this year. She usually had grand mal seizures once every 2 or 3 years. July it started with 3 per day and then again in September and now in December again. She is unemployed at this stage and her husband doesn’t earn enough for a medical aid. I reside in Nelspruit, but I am moving to Lainie in the East Rand in January to be with her as she had a seizure while being at home alone.

She is a state patient and every time she fits they only run a drip through her and send her home. Sometimes they let her lie there and get some more fits without giving her anything to stabilize her. They chase my son in law out every time and in September he found her tied to a wheelchair in the ER. As a mother, I am asking you to please help me get behind the cause of my daughter’s fits. I need funds to take her to specialist’s and get some tests and scans done. I don’t know if she might need any operations. I need to help my child. I don’t have the finances. I am trying to get my business back up from the ground as I was involved in a car accident in 2014 and I am also in stage 5 from Fibromyalgia. Things aren’t easy. But I will never give up. You will see my beautiful daughter on the first picture and on the other 2 it’s after the fits.

It drains her body. It harms her body. She already had a broken shoulder and she can’t eat properly for days because she bites her tongue every time. Her body takes a lot of hammering. In September she had a blue eye due to pressure on her face during a fit. Please, I need your heart’s to be open to a daughter so special to me. God bless all of you.


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