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We’ve partnered with an NGO 1955 based in Kliptown Soweto to help assist 300 families in Kliptown to assist with basic sanitaries, blankets and clothes for winter.

#LetsSaveKliptown is a new campaign by A Girl And A Guy PR agency with partnership with 1955. To help the NGO with donations to contribute towards the 300 families in Kliptown.

And the main reason we started the initiative is because Kliptown has an unemployment rate of 72% with over 8977 shacks. and 18.9% of the population live on less than 28 rands a day which is around R800 a month.

With this said we have reached out to our network and friends to join the movement to help us, help the Kliptown family with donations and positive contributions.

About 1955 NGO

1955 is a sovereign mix of innovative social entrepreneurs from Soweto, Kliptown. Who established an NGO with the aim to uplift the Kliptown community.

Their passion for social equity, racial justice and artistic creativity have brought us together to help and make a difference in the lives of many.

The name 1955 was derived from the year that the Freedom Charter was signed in Kliptown, Soweto, South Africa.

Overall vision: Is launching a community radio station broadcast radio station that will be used as an educational platform to provide skills to the community on a large scale.

The team:

Thabang – Thabang stays at Freedom Charter Square squatter camp in Kliptown. It is a mixed race community with diverse cultural spaces. Growing up there was a mixed experience, it was a community with rich history and culture yet underprivileged and surrounded by poverty, crime, drugs and unemployment.

Robert – Robert lives and tends his garden in Race Course squatter camp, Kliptown. He is a tour guide by profession and works tirelessly as a community advocate for Kliptown and her most vulnerable residents. As part of his NPO D4 Pro Tours he has concentrated on repairing, rebuilding and building shacks for the most precarious of his fellow residents. He is the person the grannies and children come to knowing they’ll find compassion and support.

Kirsten – Kristen is primarily based in western Canada, spending months every year in Johannesburg. She came to South Africa in 2007 as a Fulbright Scholar and was humbled and impassioned by the country and its people. She stayed to earn her PhD from Wit’s School of Architecture and Planning exploring the value of existing spatial layouts and social structures in the organised and self-built environments of Johannesburg’s shack communities. She explores how the cultural and socio-spatial values of place can inform the government’s provision of basic services and the grassroots consolidation of housing.

Other projects that 1955 works on is local waste:

Kliptown has no regular waste pick up and no public waste bins. The waste is dropped, swept up, burned, clogging storm water pipes, floating away in the Klipspruit River. It is a danger to children playing in the streets. It is dis-empowering to the residents. So the team then collects the waste, recycle plastic bottles and recreates face masks and donate those to the community.

With this shifted narrative, the NGO collaborates locally with residents who collect plastics around the neighbourhood and those who collect around the city. And some grannies collect 2L plastic bottles but can’t make it to the recycle depot to sell to create funds to buy food and sanitaries, they then work with the NGO to assist.

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