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Lucas, a young natural born leader has over the years been involved in community development programs. Equipped with leadership skills that he gained during College days as a Deputy Chairperson of the campus SRC and Chairperson of a student movement on the campus level, has brought joy on the face of the youth in Khayelitsha and surrounding areas. He is a former Director of a Spaza Shop co-operative in Khayelitsha and he was instrumental in drafting a Constitution for it.

He has worked in a private sector for many years and has been involved in youth leadership programs since College days. From mentoring young local artist, assisting aspiring entrepreneurs and providing advice to the Project Manager of community development programs in Khayelitsha; He has now embarked on a nationwide journey to unite young community leaders.

The core purpose of this initiative is to:

1. Unite young leaders across the country

2. Develop strategic programs

Developed strategic programs will address the high levels of crime, drug abuse, unemployment and the importance of education. The participation of young leaders in programs that seek to build, safeguard the country and eradicate poverty is pivotal and does guarantee success.

He will be traveling the country engaging with University and College students. The success of this initiative will attract Graduates and young community leaders who are capable of changing and saving the lives of the youth of South Africa.


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