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I am Elaine(24) and my fiancé is Reinhardt(30). We are an average couple just living our lives. Love to spend time with friends and family.

On the 18th of June 2017 our lives change dramatically.  We were on the way home from a lunch with Reinhardt’s parents when a Ford Ranger hit us (we were driving a motorbike) I cannot remember anything from the accident or two days following the accident. We lost our only means of transport.

I had some brain injuries and I had no use of my right leg and right hand. I was retrenched 3 weeks later as I was only working for the company for 6 months when the accident happened and they could not afford to keep me because at that point we did not know how long my recovery would take.

I was in hospital for 2 weeks and had 2 operations. I could not walk for 2 months after the accident but slowly I began to walk again with the help of crutches and a horrible long knee brace had hope again.

My fiancé did not have that much injuries only a few stitches and some soft tissue injuries. But then we lost our home. We couldn’t make all the payments with all the medical bills with just his salary. We then went to live with my uncle for the next few months until we get on our feet again.

Nine months later, March 2018, I can walk again, but still not fully recovered. I still have some problems with my right leg.  I am starting a new job in April.

The main reasons for the Gofundme is we need to buy a car so I can get to work and back home safely and to get where we need to go . We also want to get married.

We used up all our saving after the accident and we can’t ask his or my parents for money for the wedding as they have helped us so much after the accident. I will also put up more photos of me and Reinhardt as well as some of my accident photos.

 Please help contribute towards us in buying a car and our wedding.

Thank you in advance.


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