R200 of R100,000 raised

I need help from 1000 people. Helping with R100.00 per person to help me cover the medical expenses for my mother’s operation.

She’s been diagnosed with a peptic ulcer. An operation needs to be done as soon as possible because she’s losing to much weight. She’s down to 43kg. She’s on SASSA grant and I can’t get her on a medical aid without a waiting period of one year.

The doctor said she needs to get one now because she’s not keeping any food down without vomiting everything out. They gave me a quote of between R90 000.00 and R100 000. She needs to be kept in ICU to have a protein IV because she’s lost too much weight for the operation. I’m trying to get a loan. But struggling to get that much.

If I can get a 1000 people. Just R100.00…. I can help my mother.

Please help me do this. I need to know she’s okay.

Thank you in advance.

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