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Hey, my name is Nolwazi Dlamini and I suffer from depression because of my weight. I was bullied my whole life because of my weight. I have tried everything I’ve seen on the internet to lose weight, but it has never worked for me.

Last year November I starved myself in hopes that I would lose weight. I have had many failed suicide attempts because I can’t handle the situation that I’m going through right now. I have been bullied by the same group of people for years now and I did nothing about it except hating myself even more.

Over the past year I have been doing research on surgeries I can get to lose weight. The most convenient and safe surgery I found was liposuction, but it is too expensive. I come from an unworthy family. The uncomfortable truth for most women is that when you are trying to get a flat stomach and feel good in your clothes, you will have to do the same sort of dieting phase.

This has never worked for me. I know there’s more to life than trying to lose weight, but I want to feel comfortable in my clothes. I want to feel comfortable going out. I don’t want people to look at me and feel disgusted. I want to look at myself in the mirror and love the me that I have to become.

A few months ago, I was killing myself with food addictions. My mental health was in the worst place it has ever been, and I was completely consumed by disordered eating.

I’m still struggling today, but your donation will change my life.

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