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I was a thirteen-year-old girl beginning my first year of high school, my brother Peter was 16 years old and very keen on his music and subsequently formed a band with three friends, Leonard, Gary, and Francois. As little sisters do, I was always around them when they had band practice. Over time I began to take notice of the lead guitarist Gary Letcher, and he also had noticed me. We began our relationship, admittedly it was what one would describe as the first love for me, a love none the less. We spent every weekend together, going to movies, the beach or whatever took our fancy.

I was kind of bewildered by the new found feelings that had been brought to the foreground, and realized over time that I was indeed in love with this man and never wanted to be parted from him. Alas, this was not to be. My parents realized that the relationship was developing at a rate of knots and they in their wisdom as parents intervened. Gary at the time was boarding with a family who we were all friends with and between my father and Mr Jamison they ended this wonderful relationship.

I was told by my father and brother that Gary had ended it and did not want to see me again, being a young thirteen-year-old, I did not understand this as Gary had told me that he loved me just the day before We had not argued at all and never did in fact, so I was very confused. I went to his home to find out if this was indeed the truth and to ask why. I waited at the bottom of the driveway for him to come to me, but he never did. He was being prevented by Mr Jamison, That was the last vision he had of me, crying under the pine trees in St Helier Gillitts.

My brother still had contact with Gary while he was in the United Kingdom, and eventually, the letters stopped coming and I had all but given up hope of ever finding the man I loved so dearly. Many years passed. I married and had children and life went on, I often thought of Gary and wondered where he was and if he was happy and if he had married and had a family. I had no clue where he was, the last contact was when he was In the United Kingdom.

A day never went by over the years that I did not think of Gary and wished I could just see him and know that what I was told was indeed the truth, had he left because of me or was there another reason.

Eight years ago in the December of 2009, I was on Facebook and decided to search for friends, I typed in Gary Letcher, really not expecting to find him, but low and behold about 20 people popped up. I had no clue where to begin. I had not seen Gary for many years and people change so I randomly picked one and sent an inbox message asking if this was the Gary from South Africa. A couple of days later a reply came back with the words that melted my heart, all it said was “Hi babe it’s me”.

I was beside myself that I had found him and so our new chapter has begun, we had numerous conversations catching up with family and friends and eventually I plucked up enough courage to ask the most important question, why did he leave me, the truth came out and also he told me that he never stopped loving me even after all the years. Gary had married and had children, but was separated from his wife, we kept in contact daily and sadly it was discovered that his wife had brain cancer and passed away in 2016. Gary told me that he would not file for divorce as he would honour his vows for the sake of his 7 Kids. I respected this, I was going to fly over to him in June 2016, but due to the death of his wife, I cancelled everything out of respect for him and his grieving children.

On the 4th of July 2017, Gary asked me to marry him, which I accepted most willingly as it has been a dream of mine that I had hidden from the world, my heartfelt desire is to Marry Gary and finally become Mrs Gary Letcher. This relationship is destined to be and has been for 40 years.

Gary and I are in constant contact and have been for the past 8 years, we talk via Skype, email, Facebook and when we can afford it the odd telephone call. It is very hard for both of us as we both want this more than anything. I, unfortunately, do not have the funds anymore to be able to afford an airfare and all the other costs that are needed in order for me to go to him, he also not in a financial position to afford the costs either.

I am therefore asking that perhaps someone may read this and appreciate the fact that two people that are now 53and 56 still love each other despite what happened when they were teenagers and that a bond that formed was never broken. Perhaps find it in your heart to assist in reuniting two people that are destined to be together after 40 years. I know to some it may seem crazy, but neither of us has changed feelings regarding the love we have.

I know it is a lot to ask, but I really need to get to Brisbane, Australia as soon as humanly possible, so we can finally have the happiness that was denied to us many years ago.

I need to get a fiance visa, airfare and biometrics done here in South Africa, The last costing I did for this was R40 000-00 which is around $4000, Aud.

Thanking you in advance.


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