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We as a family have experienced a lot of bad luck over the past few years, and as a result of this our financial situation has worsened. My husband first lost his job when I was on maternity leave with our first child and for the past few months, his salary has been decreased. We have tried over the past few years to get back on our feet and have managed to regain some financial stability.

We want to start planning for our second child and also try to make a fresh start in a new home, but we won’t be able to do both. We really just want to be able to get everything that we have that is either broken or in a bad state fixed or replaced so that we can concentrate on planning for our next child and not worry about all the extra expenses. We just cannot seem to get ahead. We have gone through so much stress and unhappiness, and it would be so amazing if we can make a clean fresh start!

(The photos attached are just some of the problems we have with our furniture and financial difficulties)

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