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Mari is a wife, photographer, friend, sister, daughter, fighter and dedicated and devoted mother to 3 beautiful little children. She is also a strong, extraordinary woman, whose heart and smile lights up the world.

At the beginning of October 2017, she went for a routine check-up with her gynaecologist. What was supposed to be a straightforward mammogram test, turned out to be her worst nightmare! Two big lumps were spotted on her breast and a biopsy was performed. She could never have prepared for the rollercoaster that was about to hit her and her family’s life. At age 34 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to start chemotherapy a.s.a.p.

The medical aid plan that they were on did not even nearly cover all the costs for the chemotherapy, and they had to move up to a higher plan in order for Mari to receive the necessary treatment that she so desperately needed. Emotionally and financially times were about to get even tougher.

The family lives in Thabazimbi and Mari had to undergo chemotherapy treatment in Pretoria. They had to travel from Thabazimbi to Pretoria and back after each chemotherapy treatment session. Mari is also the main breadwinner in the family as her husband lost his work on a game farm a while back, due to economic and drought reasons. He is doing as much as he can to contribute financially to the household. Being sick herself, Mari had to scale down on her work schedule as a professional wedding & lifestyle photographer, meaning funds to keep the household running are even less.

Mari has completed her chemotherapy treatment and now has to undergo a double mastectomy on 20 March 2018, to remove all breast tissue as well as glands, otherwise, the treatment would all have been for nothing. The procedure costs a massive amount of R150 000 which the medical aid they were on expected them to pay out of their own pockets, and afterwards claim back from the medical aid, and on top of that, they would only pay a maximum of R95 000. The medical aid also does not give them an authorisation/claim number so there is no guarantee that they will be refunded for the costs.

While the battle with the medical aid is still an ongoing process, the funds need to be raised to pay for the procedure. Not only does the family need funds for the procedure, but they need to have food on the table and pay bills as well.

Please help me to raise funds to help this fighter and family in need.

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