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I went for a simple operation on the 19 March 2018, to drain a pilonidal abscess, which was successful, however, leaving a 6×6 hole in my lower back, which could not be closed without plastic surgery. For a week I sat with a VAC dressing, waiting for the day that they could do the procedure.

The day came and the double rotational flap was done, and the hole was closed. I went home a few days later. Whilst at home, having regular wound check-ups, it, unfortunately, became infected and left puss filled tunnels about the size of a CD on my bottom. According to my surgeons, this could take months to heal.

Since the 19 March 2018, I’ve had 7 consecutive surgeries and VAC dressings. I haven’t been able to sit, sleep or enjoy normal time with my family especially with my daughter.

The problem now comes in when I need recovery time for it to heal, I have to take unpaid leave because I’ve exhausted all my leave days. I won’t be able to pay my medical aid, which means I will not be able to complete my treatments needed. I will also not be able to pay the excess to the doctors or help my family to live and get through the month.

I’m asking for financial help. Anything you are willing to help with would be greatly appreciated.

Please, I’ve tried everything I can do, and now I’m turning to my friends, family and the public.

Thanking you in advance for your contributions.

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