R460 of R100 000 raised

After the passing of our first born daughter Skyla-Lee in 2012, she was only
18 hours old when we lost her due to bleeding on the brain. However, in 2013 we were blessed with two magnificent, spectacular twins, Kiara & Kayden who makes every day an adventure, especially when Kayden decides to cut his own hair. Never a dull moment in our house.
Recently, we gave birth to a beautiful little boy named Brodie, but due unforeseen circumstances we were advised that a diagnosis called Cerebral Palsy was detected in that small little body after a tremendous dramatic birth where we almost lost both Brodie and Louise.

We immediately made work of trying to get all funds raised, from the alternative medical aid coverage, who unfortunately doesn’t cover all of Brodie’s medical expenses.
The MRI that we had to take Brodie for, cost us R2500, and for one visit only. I’m sure many of you can relate to the feeling of extreme helplessness, especially when financial pressure takes its toll. We were very blessed when we asked for assistance from friends & family of ours who jumped at the opportunity to help us get the MRI scan completed.
For this reason, we would like to, where ever and how far possible to possibly raise funds for future unforeseen medical expenses should we require same mentioned.

We trust in God for a full recovery, but for this reason, The Great Man Himself would expect from us to do everything in our power to ensure that our child has a stable and normal childhood as he grows up.
According to the doctor who delivered Brodie 8 weeks ago, he suggested that we take Brodie for Neuro Physio in order for him to reach his normal milestones if possible. For us to take Brodie for the Physio, the cost for this is R700 per visit (once a week). This would be a home visit to take the pressure off from traveling with our little man to and from the Physio’s, especially now that winter has stuck it’s head out. Brodie will be attending an eye test to establish the strength of his vision which is an additional R550 also which the medical aid won’t cover.
At this point, my wife, I, my kids and family wish to thank everyone who’s made a contribution to our distressed call when we needed the help.

You’re all spectacular people and we couldn’t have asked for greater blessings when we were blessed with people like yourselves. For every prayer and good thought and every call and message, we can see a difference in our boy every day as the prayers continue. We promise to keep everyone updated as we continue our journey with our little man. We know it is not always possible to assist on a financial level. Any donation would be greatly appreciated. For the balance, please don’t feel obligated to assist if you cannot with financial donations, your prayers and good thoughts sent out to our baby firstly and our family, we welcome and appreciate that as well.


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