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Where do I start. I have had a rough life I suppose but everyone has their bad stories. My life got really bad after I was diagnosed but the time leading up to it was a bit difficult.

I had left my husband because of reason’s I prefer not to disclose. we left with nothing but the items I brought into the house. We (my daughter and myself) moved in with my mom. My mom had just lost his job and she took us in any way. I had bought myself a car and 6 months later I had to sell my car so my mom could have money for food. After an uphill with my mom, I had found out that my mom was going to lose her house.

After finding this out I had to get a place of my own so when my mom does need a place to stay, she could stay with myself and my daughter. My mom had gotten married and she seemed happy. She later was thrown out of her house and I had to help her move her things to my bachelor pad.
Her husband had refused to stay in my flat with me and decided to stay in the garage. I had fed them and made sure they were sorted, till i found out that my mother and her husband were stealing food out of my flat. So I had to resort to move once again. My brother had stayed with us for 3 years after that.

My gran was going through a rough patch and trying to help her and my mother wasn’t going all too well and I later fell into a deep depression. My manager had sent me for therapy and this therapist suggested that I move into a home where someone can keep an eye on me 24/7 because I was a risk to myself.

My boyfriend had suggested that we move in with his family… Unfortunately, I had fallen pregnant again. 38 weeks later I had my little man. Upon my 6-week check-up my doctor had found something and sent it for testing, a week later she had diagnosed me with cervical cancer. I had a full hysterectomy and went for chemo and Radiation therapy.

All I ask for is my medical bills to be up to date and a car to get my kids to school and back. I have a job but it doesn’t pay enough to get myself a vehicle. I don’t need or want anything fancy, just something to get them to school safely.

Please can someone assist me by donating towards my campaign.

Thanking you in advance.

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