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The primary purpose of this establishment (Sole Proprietor) is that of Supplier of Natural Organic, Inorganic and Renewable Raw Materials. Catering to a market suited for a holistic and alternative lifestyle.

This is a journey of heightening and raising awareness. Where mindful consciousness offers that which is essential, natural, renewable, sustainable and environmentally savvy. There is a dire need in Cape Town and the greater Western Cape to return to basics. The water crisis has enlightened us to the reality that is; we need to make better decisions and live holistically.

With the aim of providing a sustainable range of certified naturally sourced organic/inorganic/renewable ingredients to aid in self-preparation and self-care. It is common practice, to begin with, self-care when embarking on the ‘holistic/natural’ way of living. As such I have highlighted below three (3) areas that this business will cover. They are as follows:

1. Supplier of Organic; Inorganic; Renewable and Sustainable Raw Materials
2. Workshop Facilitator
3. Marketing and Social Awareness Campaigning

The business will be operated from my residence in Cape Town – South Africa. Workshops will take place at venues secured by myself and/or the event host/ess. All suppliers have guaranteed access to certification of organic and inorganic materials which will be supplied to clients upon request. All products will have the following standard labelling in order to safeguard the supplier (myself) from litigation.

As a single mother in three time zones (16-year-old, 10 years old and 4 years old), it is safe to say that this household is filled with life. My son was diagnosed with a Sensory spectrum disorder at age 2, and later HF Autism at age 4, and our journey back to basics was birthed in late 2009. I am not a medical professional and as such only offer my journey and what has worked for us as a family.

The holistic life is simple and can be challenging, but oh so rewarding. Organic materials are hard to come by and often raw materials even more so. Currently, I also provide personal workshops in the comfort of your home, that not only leaves you equipped but also with a supply of freshly made products.

I will share my current routines, and with the hope that you are enlightened and motivated as you venture into what will be the point of no return for you and yours. My mission is to foster a sense of own and a desire to experiment. A support system for others afraid to start a journey plagued by past inherited societal pressures, the workshops will assist with acceptance of self.

I would like to start a Big-Sister-Little-Sister Campaign, where we more established entrepreneurial women undertake to train younger women (aged 15-25) and assist them with their future needs example:

1. Studying for exams
2. Applying for tuition for tertiary education
3. Interview preparation
4. Teaching these young women to create their own personal hygiene/care products

Your contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance for your generosity and support.

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