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Today I come with a request for any assistance for one of our local schools. This is our only school in Brakpan that provides for disabled children.

I am a mother of 2 children who recently joined the above-Mentioned School.
My children use to be in a main stream school until both develop an eye condition called Keratoconus. It means that they have poor eye vision and battled to cope in a Normal School. Honestly it devastated me to just think about the fact they might attend a school for disabled children.

Both my children struggled. Just to make my story a short version. I got the Department of Education involved and they decided my children had to attend Muriel Brand School, as they said it would be the best option for my children. I was devastated, I know how other kids make fun of “These Children”

Well, get to the school, we are welcomed warmly, we look around and see kids in Wheel Chairs, Blades “Like Oscars”, children with no arms or leg. I thought to myself, we do not belong here, my kids do not belong here. I just wanted to run away. How did I get here? How did my children get here? I just did not want to accept the fact that my children have an eye problem “could be disabled” I left the kids at school, went home crying to God, why did you let me down? I prayed for a solution, I did not ask for this. My children will be made fun off.

Now a few weeks has gone by and the children are settled in, I made peace with it, because at that time I did not understand that this is what God had plan for us, this was our answer to my prayers. So, with my children attending Muriel Brand we are more awe of the financial situation that they are in. I have notices that the school fees as half the amount of a main stream school. Transport for the children are also half the price. Children with special needs all over Gauteng attend Muriel Brand School.

The pupils had a food drive a week ago and if you could bring any food to school that would then go to 16 families which the school support. Most of the children attending this school are also in financial need that they could not bring tinned food or anything to assist these families. These families’ children also attend the school. Muriel Brand also have a food drive for a local children’s home and these children also attend the school.

I knew with the financial problems that the families would not be able to support as they need the food themselves. I have send whatever I could be able to assist a family. Not a lot of food come in that day. The next day one of the boys in my daughter’s class, who is in the children’s home, thanked her for all the food she has brought and that they had Corn Flakes that morning. I mean we are not even talking about Wimpy’s Farmhouse Breakfast here, just Corn Flakes. This same boy would take left over lunches from kids and take it home, as he has a little sister at home and he needs to share.

Last night the school tried to raise funds as they are in need of so many things at the school and for the kids. The Senior kids would be Waiters at our Local Spur at Carnival Mall Brakpan. I have shared the poster on Facebook all over and peoples’ response was just that “Boycott Spur”. So even though everyone in Brakpan knows this school and what they do for these kids, lets just stick to our ways and boycott? At the end of the day hardly anyone pitched up at Spur even though it was for a good cause. Where is our humanity? I have always been someone to help in our community. I am also a single mother, but I do what I can to help others as we are blessed in so many ways.

If you can just see the patience these teachers have with these children. The love and caring gesture. Can you just imagine being in class the whole day with children with special needs?
I have fallen in love with this school. I cry when my kids come home and tell me about their day. I have never paid any attention to this school. I never needed to. I feel ashamed, because I never knew what is happening in Muriel Brand. With so little money they do so much for these children.

Muriel Brand School makes provision for learners with physical and specific learning disabilities between the ages of 3 to 18 years (nursery school to matric). Various disabilities are managed at our school, including: Cerebral palsy, Spina bifida, Muscular dystrophy, Traumatic brain injury, Specific learning disability and dyslexia

Please may I asked if we can get Companies even just our everyday people to raise some funds for Muriel Brand School.

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