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My name is Mina Jollivet, born Paul Jacques Jollivet. Ever since I can remember I always felt something was different about me. Asking my parents “why wasn’t I born a girl” from a young age. When I hit puberty, I was attracted to boys and wanted to be around girls. Always wanting to do the things the girls enjoyed doing, feeling like it was a phase. I told myself I’ll grow out of it. In my twenties, I hid my secret away finding solace in online chat sites where I could be the real me experiencing people accepting me as I portrayed, THE REAL ME. Then in 2013 a few months after my mom passed away, I came out to almost everyone, my family, my friends and work colleagues, to my surprise everyone accepted me.

I started to subtly wear make up, grew my hair and started wearing feminine clothes. Since I came out in 2013 I struggled to find Doctors who would help me with the foundation steps of starting my hormone replacement therapy (HRT). May 2017 I saw my psychologist, she took one look at me and called me by My real name, and referred to me as she and her. I cannot explain that feeling when someone sees you for you, without question it gave me so much euphoria and hope. After the first session, she recommended I see an endocrinologist. After years of waiting, I finally felt I was on the right path to begin my life. It has been 3 months now and I am extremely happy.

For me to complete my journey I need to have minor facial surgeries called FFS or Female Feminisation Surgery, and the main surgery called SRS or Sex Reassignment Surgery. I would like to have this done in 2020 when I have lost weight and managed to save money from my side. I have found a Doctor in Thailand, very reputable and well experienced with the procedures, Dr. Chettawut. I welcome all donations and am extremely grateful. Thank you in advance for making the quality of life for me even better.


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