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I’m a 27 year old single mom, my son had an accident in school last year and I was engulfed in debt because I had just cancelled my medical aid so that I could pay off some of my debts, that depressed me a lot and I couldn’t even perform at work, then I got conned by a fake real estate agent whom I paid deposit and rent to, I always say that those two things were the beginning of my problems because everything started tumbling down afterwards.

I started using my car to take kids to school for extra cash to try and pay off my debts, the car is really old and needs to be fixed like all the time. I tried applying to be an Uber driver but my model is too old and my application was rejected, I’m willing to work hard to get myself out of debts but it’s like I take one step forward and ten steps back, I still need to be strong for my son and even though my emotional and psychological spheres seem to have been hit the most I really can’t afford to be depressed, all I’ve been focusing on is trying to work hard to get financially independent again.

My car overheats and needs water before long trips so I always have to open the bonnet and fill it with water, so I think the lever of the bonnet was faulty or I just didn’t close it properly so it flew open while I was off ramping onto the highway, shattered the windscreen and the sides of the car where the body meets the bonnet, I’m just glad I wasn’t driving fast because it could’ve been worse, so I really need to fix my car so I can have one less thing to worry about and be back on my way to recovery.

Kind regards
N. Dlamini


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