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The Menagerie is a registered, rescue organization; we have been running for over 30 years. We take care of Puppies and kittens that are abandoned; we help with the care of injured birds of prey and other wildlife. The Animals that cannot be released, we give talks about them, we allow the children, parents and elderly the chance to touch and be close to all animals in our care. To help get Donations, we put up displays with some of the animals that are tame and use to human contact, at Flea markets, and school fêtes.

We do not have any sponsors to help us get a New Bakkie, the Bakkie we have is 19 years old. Last year we had the engine Overhauled, by a chap who said he will give us a discount. It costs us R5400, but it was not done correctly. We will have to have it redone, which is going to be very expensive, and it does not help that the engine is 20 years old already. We are in desperate need of help with DONATIONS to get a new Bakkie.

A 1600 or a little bigger will help us greatly, to be able to transport the animals safely shows and to rescue them when needed.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Regards Fiona and Naomi Radford.

(The Menagerie)

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