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I underwent a pulmonary lobotomy during 2013.  I developed severe complications, due to post-operation bleeding and a secondary infection.  There is a small opening between the left lung and the cavity left by the pulmonary lobotomy.
I became aware of the complications during 2017.  A chronic empyema developed.  In layman’s terms, the cavity became infected and a huge amount of necrotic matter gathered in the cavity.  I became very ill as my system was getting infected by this condition.
I was operated upon by another cardiothoracic Surgeon.  In his opinion, I was very sick.  Due to a compromised immunize system, my chances of healing were in question. 
The infected cavity needed to be drained and an open thoracostomy which has to be irrigated and cleaned daily.  In layman’s terms, I have a tube inserted through a hole between ribs at the back.  This is cleaned daily.
Unfortunately, I am unable to claim in a Court of Law in a civil matter as the three-year expiry term has lapsed.
I am at present unable to work, although I am paid a salary by my employer’s provident fund and have a medical aid, not all out of hospital expenses were and still are not being paid for. In the process.  These costs are mainly dressing material for the wound. 
I am also on a high protein diet to gain weight.  The diet which includes several expensive items cannot be afforded by me. I weighed only 39 kilograms when I was discharged from hospital in 2017.  I was able to gain about 15 kilograms up to now.  Once I reach my ideal weight (Which may take quite a while) a pectoral or latissimus flap might be considered.  In layman’s terms, it means that a piece of muscle tissue might be removed from elsewhere in the body and “planted” in the cavity.
I recently received a report from the surgeon to the insurer which states that my chances of recovery are slim.
To cover additional expenses I had to sell my vehicle.
My residence is not located close to any public transport facilities, and if I want to make use of these, I have to walk a fair distance to reach the taxi routes.
I need to buy a vehicle and will be willing to buy a good formerly owned vehicle. I require my vehicle to get to shops and visit family and friends.  I am mostly at home due to my inability to travel.  I tried Uber and Bolt to travel but the costs are too high for use.
I also try very hard to achieve my ideal weight and if it is in God’s plan to return me to work, I look forward to getting back to my work.

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