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It is with great hope and prayer that our plight is heard as we, the children of Laina Bachler, are reaching out to you to share the experience of our Mother Laina’s journey thus far after being diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast and Lung Cancer.

In July 2018, our mother Laina, currently aged 64, discovered a lump in her breast and had gone for her routine mammogram only to have been given a misdiagnosis, instead her lump was diagnosed as a Cyst which was benign (non-cancerous).

However, through constant monitoring, Mom realized that something was definitely not right as the lump was becoming larger, painful and she had developed a persistent cough.

After several visits to various Medical specialists, we then decided to opt for a second mammogram and a biopsy in January 2019, which confirmed that our Mom in fact had Stage 3 Breast cancer.

Her diagnosis was a shock and incredibly daunting for mom and all of us, as she was always healthy and rarely ever experienced ailments throughout her life, but we had to keep faith to be able to persevere through the journey that lay ahead.

As a single mother, she instilled in us the will to never give up or give in to life’s trials, but we knew as a certainty that we were not going to subject her to any avoidable discomforts.

In February 2019 she was placed onto a Chemotherapy program, as there were very few alternative treatment options in Namibia. She endured the Chemo for a few months however she was unable to complete the cycle due to the aggressive side effects.

Through extensive research and advice, we opted for Photo Dynamic therapy (PDT) as an initial alternative treatment program for a period of 6 months until January 2020 at the Hummingbird Health Centre in Cape Town. It was evident that the PDT strengthened her immune system and improved her condition because the subsequent breast scans showed that the cancer cells had significantly decreased and the intent for her to have the tumor removed surgically was the next step.

Unfortunately, it so happened that she returned to Namibia briefly in February 2020 for the birth of her first grandchild, only for her to be restricted from returning to South Africa due to COVID-19 Travel restrictions.  It was during the long harrowing months of her being stuck in Namibia and not being able to continue with her PDT sessions and planned surgery that the remaining cancer cells became more aggressive and ultimately Metastasized (This is when the cancer spreads to other parts of the body.)

Her cough got worse, she started coughing blood, drastically losing weight and the breast tumor had developed into a wound as the remaining healthy cells and breast tissue were affected. Mom was then admitted to do another biopsy but this time on the Lung, imaging scans and blood tests, which confirmed that her ailments were in fact a symptom of the cancer having spread from her breast to her one lung and had caused it to collapse. This means her breathing capacity has decreased significantly as a result of that.

Thankfully travel regulations had eased up into South Africa on September 2020 and she was able to return to continue her PDT treatment, combined with Oxygen and Molecular Hydrogen Therapy and Daily Ultrasound Treatment, all of which have proven to be extremely beneficial in managing the harsh symptoms of Cancer and other illnesses.

The most beneficial treatment for her at the moment has been the Ultrasound therapy from CellQuicken’s Royalvibe device which she uses daily as she is able to adjust the treatment programs provided according to the recommendations of her doctor and most importantly to aid with her personal ailments that day such as fatigue and pain.

It goes without saying that any patient that has endured any medical ailment, especially oncological treatment has been subjected to high costs for both medical treatments and after-care .

Our story and our Mother’s is no different as we were unable to receive sufficient cover from her Medical aid for some of the scans and treatment options that we opted for.

We have in the past 2 years since mom’s diagnosis to date exhausted over R250 000 in medical fees, which included purchasing a Molecular Hydrogen machine so that she can have her treatment at home and minimize her being exposed to any harmful  bacterial and virus strains that may compromise her immune system, accompanied by a monthly rental of the Cellquicken Royalvibe Machine and personalized treatment program of R8000.

It has become increasingly challenging and costly for us to manage the ongoing expenses for mom’s medical requirements inclusive of Over the Counter First Aid Products and supplements.

Both Oncologist and Surgeon have advised that it is vital that mom is required to have a full body PET scan as soon as possible which is quoted close to R30, 000 so that they are able to determine the full extent to which the cancer may have metastasized.

Results thereof will allow the Oncologist to administer several Radiation treatments specifically targeting the cancer cells which are present.

The required funding threshold is R80, 000. Therefore we are opting for various ways to raise at least half of the funding so that we can ensure that our Mother continues to get the urgent medical treatment that she requires

Ultimately our wish is to keep our mother’s immune system strong enough to keep fighting the Metastasis, and for her to go into REMISSION, be pain-free and no longer be bed-ridden and require Palliative care. Most importantly so that she can once again be the agile, energetic pillar of strength that we know she is and that she has been to us and so many others by selflessly empowering them through her philanthropic work throughout her lifetime prior to falling ill.

As challenging physically, psychologically, and emotionally, that this road has been for Mom, she has never once lost faith or courage and wakes up every day with the determination and fights like a true Warrior.

We know that fighting Cancer is a continuous battle of determination and demands illimitable amounts of support, positivity, Faith, and finance to name a few…

If you find that it is within your means to assist in any way then please do consider supporting our campaign, and or please help us spread the word. Your Prayers, well wishes and donation are highly welcomed and appreciated.

Thanking you in advance and we wish you all Good health and Love.


Nev, Mandume and Nande

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