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I am a Nursing Assistant in a Woundcare Clinic, and as a result, I am on my feet from 04:30 up to about 23:30 daily. As my boss doesn’t allow me to work every day, I am only paid weekly for days actually worked – sometimes 4 days and some days 5. My husband works as a Salesman 6 days/week and earns R1 100 per week. Thus we are unable to afford any type of Medical Aid and as a result, when I fell on wet stairs approximately 6 years ago and injured my right knee, I couldn’t have it surgically attended to. As I was in pain, I overcompensated and used my left foot to lean on more, placing enormous strain on it.

Then 5years ago, I stepped into a hole in the grass (not visible due to the grass) and injured my left foot severely. Still no Medical Aid and as a result of the injury I have developed a very painful condition called Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction (see photos). As my work requires me to be on my feet most of the day, the pain has now become unbearable and I have to have surgery to repair and reconstruct my foot in order to continue working to provide for my husband, children and grandchildren. However, I have obtained a quotation from the Hospital where I work and for the surgery- 3 hours theatre time, 2 nights hospital stay, ward stock, Anaesthesiologist, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Theatre Assistant and medication will be approximately R130,000.00 (One hundred and thirty thousand Rand).

I would, therefore, be so grateful if I could get help to undergo this surgery.

Thanking you in advance.

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