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Greetings to everyone, I am coming to you to ask for your support to help me reach as many souls as possible. I am a man of God and he has called me to reach out to his children and show them the way home. To teach them that Jesus Christ is all loving and to help teach them about HIS mighty love and grace. I have a small church but I am struggling with the rent at this time since it is newly established. I want to keep it open and just need your help until we are more rooted. I have a small congregation which I have attached photos of.

If ever you are in Durban drop in, you will be welcomed with open arms! Our church is small at this time, but our God is big and our praise to him is large! We believe that one day we will grow and become a large church with a large congregation!

We are hoping for your support to help our ministry so we can grow and lead many people to Christ! Without your support, it will be impossible for us to do that, if you have the desire to help us, please do not hesitate to do so, NO amount is too small. Help us help others to become a family in the Lord’s house. We love you and we are waiting for your support, stay blessed and thank you for your contributions!

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