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My name is Anel Smith from Durban South Africa. I am begging for help for my husband.

My husband’s name is Shawn Smith, he has always been a very happy and extremely helpful person always helping the less fortunate even though he didn’t have much himself.

On the evening of August, the 6th 2018 my husband had a massive stroke, we were at hospital within 10 minutes, but he was told to take a seat and wait for a doctor. In that time, he lost consciousness and I had to beg them to help him. I had to try and carry my husband to a gurney as the nursing staff just looked at me and wouldn’t help. He was put on an IV and left for another 12 hours before they decided to do a CT scan to confirm the stroke.
By then the damage was done.

Our problems didn’t stop there. After his discharge he had multiple complications. We were in the ER four to five times a week after his discharge. He has been having seizure like problems sometimes he stops breathing. After about two months the ER doctor on duty contacted his team of doctors to inform them he needs to be referred to the neurologist as he witnessed these episodes he is having and his doctor saying it unnecessary he is stable and should go home. This has been ongoing since August, and Shawn is deteriorating with every episode of seizures he has.

At some times the pharmacy doesn’t have his medication and we are left to buy privately using most of his disability pension. The staff at the pharmacy even tried removing his medication saying he doesn’t need it.

Shawn has been denied the proper treatment from day one, and not being financially stable it has left us with a lot of anger, frustration and hurt especially to our daughter 12 years of age.

Shawn needs to be seen at a neurologist as soon as soon as possible to be given the treatment he needs and deserves. The government hospitals are denying it to a point where they even forcefully remove you from the hospital grounds as you have no say. There is no miracle cure to his condition, but the proper treatment will give him some quality of life.

The only option we have now is to go to private hospital and unfortunately we don’t have any funds to get him there. So I’m doing this page hopefully someone could help us get there, to get Shawn the treatment he deserves, and to be treated like a human not some animal.

This has been a long and hard fight and I am exhausted.

This is my only option now as I have no more resources. So I’m begging please to help mY
husband get the treatment he needs.

Thanking you in advance for your generosity and support.

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