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Good day to all,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for reading here for your support.
My family has been in South Africa since 1652 and we have decided to leave our beloved country. It is not an easy decision, but we have been facing BEE laws, quota systems in universities and sport, and now our land will be expropriated without compensation.

We live on a farm, and it’s a daily struggle to survive and we do not sleep at night fearing farm attacks. We constantly fear for our lives. The EFF keeps chanting “white man you must die”, “kill all whites” and “shoot the Boer, shoot the farmer” the BFLF shouts “one settler, one bullet” and the silence of the ANC is deafening. We are facing slow genocide…

We appreciate any assistance we can receive to get our family to safety.

Thank you and Kind regards,
The Sprinkhuizen family

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