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I am currently doing my Masters of Science degree in geography, at the University of Witwatersrand.

My passion is socio-economic management and community development, and I am hoping to work within the Ekurhuleni municipality one day, focusing on social and economic community development and open space management.

I am 1 of a family of 5, and for the last 2 years, my father has been unemployed, due to his retrenchment at his previous company. The interest on my honours degree student loan is already taking a big amount out of my mother’s salary. It is making it even harder to make ends meet with every other expenditure my family has on just one salary.

I, myself, have 2 part-time job, 1 at my local football club, developing young football players, of which the pay covers my petrol and day to day expenditures while I am at university, and I am also a tutor for the University. This funding would allow for my parents to not worry about double interest fees from the bank for both my honours degree and my master’s degree. Although I have stated a goal amount equivalent to both my honours and masters degrees my main goal is to cover the amount that is still due which is an excess of R23 000.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much,

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