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Hi, as everyone here in South Africa knows about the terrible droughts that are hitting the Western Cape area, and the lack of support from the national government to help out poor communities to provide them with fresh clean water.

I have found one small solution using seawater that is such abundance in the Cape, using a Reverse Osmosis Filter System. The unfortunate part is that it’s a very expensive Filter, obtaining the seawater is not the problem, it is the transport from the coast to the communities to treat the water at their doors to ensure that they will have fresh clean water that day.

The people in Cape Town are nearing day Zero of no more water left in our dams and we will be queuing to get fresh spring water, but no one is thinking of the people that cannot get to this collection point.

This is why I ask you to please help me to help these people by getting the Filter and Tanks for water transport. Every small donation will help with at least giving someone hope to receive even a 2L bottle of water a day.


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