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Hydrogen is one of the largest growing markets in terms of demand. Its applications in industry are vast. However, producing hydrogen is a very energy intensive process. Making it very expensive. We have an innovative way to revolutionize not only the process of hydrogen production, but the application of renewable energy towards producing hydrogen.

A pivotal component of this system is using a ship to farm both the renewable energy and the hydrogen by making use of the ion-filled sea water which increases the efficiency of the electrolysis process, since the ions in the water increases the electrical conductivity of the water.

By being able to produce hydrogen with completely renewable energy the cost of producing hydrogen is more than halved, making it extremely affordable with a seemingly endless source since its created from seawater which accounts for 70% of the earth’s surface.

Once, a fleet of ships can be put into operation the production of hydrogen on a global scale will increase exponentially. Plus, due to its affordability, it will encourage the further development of other hydrogen powered technologies.

However, the start-up cost to put a “super” ship like this in production is expensive and based on the average price of large oil tanker ships the price to build a ship of this proportion would cost around $200 million. However, through first order calculations. Based on the production rates of on the Norwegian electrolyser “Norsk Hydro” we would be able to generate 13 million Nm3 of hydrogen per year.

Any sort of donations would be greatly appreciated it to start this production.

Thank you in advance

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