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I was recently kicked out of the house by my father because I was friends with a lesbian in the past. My current best friend happens to be a lesbian and she was also not allowed near our house. I made sure I kept her far away from home(as requested), yet when he saw us in town he still had a problem. He gave me less than 48 hours notice to get out of the house and find my way.

With the help of my mother, I ended up with living with a mutual friend’s family(wife, husband, and son). They, however, do not seem comfortable living with me and would like me to be out too. I got a job, but only starts within a month. Please, I would like to find a place to live, but am short of rent money and it doesn’t seem like I have time to wait for my first paycheck.

This is keeping me up at night. Please, if anyone would like to help.
Thank you.


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