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My name is Bianca Fourie; I am a second year Emergency Medical Care student at the University of Johannesburg.

The Department of Emergency Medical Care runs an annual rescue challenge, called the Petty Coat lane (PCL) challenge. The department has hosted more than 30 successful PCLs. Petty Coat lane is organised entirely by the second years for the first year participants. This rescue challenge is used as an introduction for the first years into the medical rescue they will learn about during the completion of their degree. Rescue work is not easy, nor is it necessarily a ‘glamorous’ one. Physical fitness, personality, and emotional stability are all factors in determining one’s suitability in a Rescue situation, which is why hosting PCL is such an important endeavour.

During this challenge the first years go through 36 hours without sleep pushing themselves both mentally and physically in order to fully experience what a typical rescue would be like. The first years are split into teams, urging competition between them as they go through multiple physical challenges such as hikes and swims, medical scenarios such as treating patients in various difficult situations and mental activities such as finding solutions to seemingly impossible problems in order to fully be prepared for the future.

I myself went through PCL last year, as it is a requirement for every student in this degree to do in order to graduate. It was an experience that I will never forget. Not only did it prepare me for the rescue I am learning this year, it helped shape me into the person I am today and made me more confident in my abilities and myself. It was also incredible fun and an opportunity to create deeper bonds with my fellow class mates.

I, as the chairperson of this rescue challenge, would like to ask for your assistance and contribution in these trying times to aid in the education of young minds so that when we graduate we are prepared to help combat everything we face, including such dangers as Covid-19.

We have been able to cover everything ourselves except for T-shirts, that are awarded to the first years on completion of PCL. We use these t-shirts as reminders to the participants that when they are in a real rescue environment, they have already overcome the hardships throughout the degree, that are required to be adequately prepared to help those in need.

On behalf of all the second year organisers I ask you to please help us by donating to our cause so that we may be able to get these shirts and give the first years something to motivate them in future rescue encounters.

Thanking you in advance.


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