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We have gotten to the point where we have formed a community movement to take action against our farmers getting slaughtered like animals in this country.

It sickens us to watch a once great country sink to this level of barbarism and it’s time for it to stop.

Our Farmers must be protected at all costs.

Our solution: To fight against these violent criminals and protect our farmers. We are beginning in a concentrated approach with 24 hour patrol in specific violent hot spots

The next step is to establish surveillance in and assisting the farmers to set up electronic communication to engage directly on any suspicious activity.

Our farmers, the lifeblood of our country are having their blood spilled and very few care. If citizens don’t stand up, we will be left with our faRmers completely obliterated. We are sick of seeing violent pictures of innocent hardworking farmers been killed and beaten everyday.

All donations received will be used for surveillance equipment, farmers’ communication, protective equipment for security staff.

All assistance is appreciated dearly

The Blackrod Team

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