R380 of R10 000 raised

For too many years we have sat moaning and lamenting the state of our neighbourhood, pointing fingers at all the people who abuse the open spaces we have. But now we are turning the tables. We are taking back our open spaces and creating a safe, clean and useful space for the community to enjoy.

We the residents of Sheffield respect ourselves too much to allow this urban decay around us. And it is this decay that attracts crime and more grime. We value ourselves, our neighbours and the wider community too much for that and are going to lead the way for other neighbourhoods to do the same. Watch what we can do when we do it together!

So we are reaching out to those of you who want to get behind us getting this neighborhood park functional again. The municipality has helped where it can but has no budget for buying or planting grass. This is where we need you! We are looking for donations for grass… and then watch us build it one blade at a time…and watch a neighborhood flourish thanks to your contribution.


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