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Our daughter Kimberlyn Victoria was diagnosed with severe scoliosis a few years ago. The national health care system in Brazil is excellent, however, it is oversubscribed and there are significant waiting periods for a surgery of this complexity. We have recently consulted with a number of specialists both scoliosis therapists and surgeons and the severity of her scoliosis can no longer wait for a space to become available at a government hospital. Her condition and any treatment is excluded for our medical aid, and we are simply unable to afford the surgery that is required as a matter of urgency now.

We have worked closely with our surgeon and our hospital to negotiate the maximum discounted rate possible; many many meetings and itemized quotations down to the number of units of blood estimated for the surgery. It’s exhausting.

If it’s exhausting for my wife and I, it is even more exhausting for our daughter Kimberlyn. Each week we wait, her curvature grows worse, each week she finds it slightly harder to breathe, her spine curvature is pressing on her lungs, and we’re playing a waiting game, a dangerous and potentially life-threatening waiting game.

If I could encapsulate the spirit of Kim in words, they would leap off the page and into your heart. She is at once funny and deeply serious, passionate and fiercely protective, loyal to a fault, and highly intelligent. She loves singing and choir, and is a talented singer at our family Karaoke nights! Can’t pry the mike out of her hands some nights!

She loves Little Mix, Riverdale, Teen Wolf and has a unique sense of fashion and style. She has had to evolve her own style, her own fashionista brand to “cover-up” her back and spine. No teenager should have to have to do that, and it breaks my heart.

If you can find it in your heart to help, we will be able to work with our medical team to perform this surgery as soon as possible, by mid-December at the very latest.

With much love,

Belinda, Fabio and Kimberlyn Anderton Da Silva

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