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My name is Jaco Schoeman I am a 52-year-old South African man.  I had some good to great jobs my whole life, and always helped lots of people anonymously (because I believe you should not want to gain from what you give) I also had lots of ups and downs in my life like most of us do. The last 8 years 2008 to 2016 had a job that I marketed products worldwide it went well and I put my heart and soul in the business. It was also an amazing experience as I saw the world and I thought this is me until I retire so life was good, BUT that all went wrong in Feb 2016….

My world fell apart but I just blame myself! …I stayed in Thailand at that time and to cap matters my beautiful wife of 5 years then fell pregnant. I had to come back to RSA…due to the fact that I lost everything. Since then I have been barely surviving. I now eventually found a decent position again (although it is commission based only)

Now I just want to go and see my wife in Thailand……AND SEE MY BOY that I have never seen yet held, kissed or cuddle yet…. Then come back make enough money so I can bring them to South Africa to join me.

Reading some of the other  GoFundMe projects I feel bad sad and ‘shy “to publish my campaign, BUT ALL I can say is, this is my need for now. I  just so much want to see them, be with them for a few days and get the faith and strength again to get our life back on track. One day I will help people again with their needs…. For now, I have nothing to lose and must try all possible avenues.

Ps: Pictures of my son included -Alex Jacob


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