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Silobela Development Association, CyDA, in short was formed in 2020 this year and registered as a development Trust in Bulawayo in July. Committed sons and daughters of Silobela from different wards came together and founded Silobela Development Association with the aim of implementing development programs, that will see our communities grow and end poverty.

Our objectives as Silobela Development Association is to also teach our communities to be self-reliant by embarking on income generating projects, improve our infrastructure such as roads, clinics and schools. We seek also to ask for financial sponsorship from donors, individuals, organizations such as churches so that we can be able to implement our development programs.

It is our wish that our communities be taught about the importance of income generating projects, we also want to facilitate training on how they can do these projects profitably. Our work as Silobela Development Association won’t be limited on projects only but in quite a number of activities such as donating in schools’ things like stationary, textbooks, pads for the poor rural girls. We also seek to mobilize our communities and renovate and rehabilitate our poor schools, clinics and roads.

In short Silobela Development Association is all about upgrading our communities, and improve the lives of our people and mobilize our communities and encourage them to stand up and actively participate in programs that seeks at developing our area.

Silobela is rich in gold and has fertile lands, let’s make it great.

Thanking you in advance for your support and generosity.


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