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I am a single mother of a gorgeous 7-year-old son. I have raised him on my own since he was born. His father never wanted to be involved and even today doesn’t want to know his son. Throughout the years I have always struggled to provide and give my son the best, which he deserves. I have made some irresponsible financial choices along the line, for the days I couldn’t feed or give my son what he needs. These choices have caught up with me and every day I wake up, worried about the debt I have, which will follow me around. I am not able to make loans due to bad choices I made when I was younger.

Because of my son, I am 100%, a better person and just want to be a happier, more content person, instead of worrying and being down all the time because of anxiety due to my money problems. I am in the Defense Force, I don’t earn much but I love working for my country, even if the long hours keep me from my son sometimes.

I just need a break from all the worry; I don’t know where to go for help anymore.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance for your contributions.

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