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From a very early age, I was diagnosed with what we now call ADD. Not being the sharpest tool in the class, I soon left to follow a career in the Navy. After leaving the Navy not having any training behind me I got involved with police and security work. I landed up working for a production company which I loved thoroughly and got me seeing Malaysia and Thailand where I trained. A few years later I walked into work to find out the business was retrenching me.

Shattered and with no work, I did what I had to and slowly sold off pretty much everything I had worked for to help my family survive. We had friends give us food parcels to survive and a month later, BOOM, my wife was retrenched while pregnant with our son. The hardest year of our lives followed. We lost our home on the beach, my Jeep, and my wife’s car. It does happen and it is true what they say…

Then by the grace of God, both Michelle and I got jobs. We started winning in life again. A while back we registered an NPO Footprint’s SA, which saw us feed and clothe hundreds of families of all nationalities, including informal settlements that were burned to the ground. My family has never been overseas or seen our beautiful country and it has been a lifelong dream to do this trip.
While on this trip I will be taking photos of everything we see and encounter so that those who don’t have the opportunity to do so can share in our experiences.

To all those that consider assisting us.
Thank you for helping dreams come true.


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