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StayHungry Apparel is a clothing Brand which strives to co-brand and increase the want for people to attain their Goals.

The Clothing is a start; we need a start-up for the Hoodies and Launch Video. For those who donate we will offer merchandise and a chance to be part of our Video Launch.

Our ethos: We Are a Reminder to Pursue Your Goals.

This Brand Has a Goal to Be a Top Recognised Brand, who Look To Constantly See People Succeed. Currently, we sell Caps and our clientele is slowly growing.

The Video aims to be a Music Video Release for local Hip Hop/Rap artists, and to provide everyone from casual to celebrity Status involved, the value of co-branding with other start-ups to increase SA Brand Recognition. To also gain as many views via FB, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Your contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance for your support.

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