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Dalize is an amazing young woman who is working very hard in achieving her dream to go to university. She excelled in school and was head girl in matric at school and at the hostel!

Due to unforeseen circumstances she needs help in funding her university fees. The cost of studying BSc molecule and genetics is just too much for her hard working parents to afford! So we need your help! She is such a hard working girl, even during school holidays she went to help and volunteered at hospitals and clinics. She absolutely has a passion for the medical field and growing up in a rural small town seeing the suffering these people go through has inspired her to come back one day and be the doctor small towns need!  Doctors who still care and believe in going the extra mile for a patient.

Her first year will be the BSc course and in 2020 her dream of doing first year to becoming a doctor will hopefully be a reality!  I had a major operation removing severe stage 4 endometriosis and I was bound to my bed for 12 weeks. Dalize was only 10 years old and she came to check up on me daily, once a week she washed my hair!  She is not just beautiful on the outside but the light that Jesus put in her heart shines so bright!

She does a lot of community service, helps me out with gathering donations for our safe house for abuse and rape victims. She is really one special girl. She really deserves all the help she can get!

 I thank you for every donation, for making your heart open and to help Dalize achieve her dreams!

Thanking you in advance.


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