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The aim of the Queer Feminist Film Festival is to convene queer feminist spaces of celebration, honouring and discussion. The festival looks at creating a dialogue with queer people through film and discussion groups. To interrogate ideas around movement building, celebrating queer and feminist organisers who have created a blueprint for the feminist and queer organization. The Queer Film Festival is the first event in the lead up to a bigger that will take place later in the year.

On the 19th and 20th January, the first QFFF took place. The event was well attended and provided space for robust engagement. Some of the engagements were fun and affirming. Others were very difficult and require more debriefing and intervention for the future space.

As the organising team, we commit ourselves to hosting multiple spaces in the next few months to debrief and build on the very difficult conversations. Our wish is for our next space to be better, more protected and more engaging than the last.

We are very thankful to our partners the African Gender Institute, Triangle Project, Bertha Movie House, and OXFAM SA for their support both financially and otherwise.

We would like to appeal to you, supporters of QFFF to make a small donation that will enable us to continue our work. Your donation will allow us to convene the small debriefing spaces that will help us build towards the next big event. Any amount will be helpful and will ensure that the work continues.

We are so thankful for the support and we look forward to growing and building the movement with you.

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