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I found Luna when she was 6 weeks old, after she had been thrown from a car out onto a busy highway, close to which I live. I immediately took her to the vet to have checked over and tested for feline aids and leukaemia. Upon finding her, I saw she had a deformed paw and couldn’t help to wonder whether this was the reason for her being discarded like trash. The vet didn’t recommend surgery or amputation as she was too young.

Also not knowing what the cause of the deformity was, made it hard to decide on a course of action. We then went to a wellness and rehabilitation centre, where she received underwater treadmill sessions, hydrotherapy and physio. We have been going for that once a week for the last 4 weeks. I was then referred to the only orthopaedic surgeon that specializes in small animals. He assessed her and took x-rays which showed she had a shortened/contracted tendon that needed to be surgically addressed. He recommended the surgery happen as soon as possible as she is still young and not all the bones in her paw had been fused yet, which makes the chances of her having a normal life with a healthy paw and being pain free so much higher.

Waiting till she is older to do the surgery makes the adjustment and healing process so much harder, and not at all guaranteed. I have been doing all I can for her till now. She is part of my family and I will continue doing all I can. I am a student and have somehow managed till now, but the cost of the surgery is simply too much for me to be able to afford. I am planning on selling some of my things, but the smallest of donation will put her one step closer to her surgery, along with whatever I can manage to contribute. She is the most resilient and allowing kitten I have ever met. She never complains and is so happy all of the time.

If she can have a life that is pain free then I want to make it happen. Walking on the side of her leg is causing her neck and shoulder muscles to stiffen and shorten, which means more problems down the line. I will be posting regular updates on the Facebook page “The Cats Whiskers”, as there is a large community of cat lovers like myself, that can see how far she has come from being thrown out a car, to having a chance at life.

Thank you for reading my story and for your consideration.

Anneke & Luna

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