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My beloved cat, Meisha, who was saved at birth, is my heart and soul and an extension of me. We have lived a beautiful and happy life for 12 years.

On Saturday 10 March 2018 she was knocked by a car and is now in hospital with trauma to the brain and has a fractured/broken jaw. She is in a lot of pain which is being managed by the Doctors at the hospital. On Monday she needs to be transferred to a specialised hospital for jaw surgery.

We are unfortunately not in a financial position to fully pay for all her treatments and surgeries and are begging for people of South Africa, to open their hearts in order, to help me keep my baby alive.

While she is in the hospital I feel as if a part of me is missing and I want her home, where I can help her recuperate and recover from this very terrible trauma to her.

Any remaining funds will be donated to TEARS as they are in a desperate need for funds.

I would like to thank all those willing to help me and my baby, Meisha.

Thank you in advance.

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