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Deep in the hymen of love lies the restless seeking for solace. Amidst Deep in the hymen of love lies the restless seeking for solace. Amidst blood-spattered bedding and cushions, full of tears lay millions of untouched women. Unfelt and unknown these lives mark the end of all feeling and an escape into a prolonged numbness that will not go away.
This project is dedicated to the 11.7 million women who find themselves in sexual servitude, and millions of sex slaves on this planet.

Funds raised through this project will go towards establishing a sexual healing space for women and survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The problem with dealing with the rape and abuse of women and children is escalating and we are quite frankly with all our efforts going nowhere. Due to the lack of measurable objectives this heinous crime is still perpetrated against women and children, with organisational inadequacy and lack of real impetus to get to real healing for victims. The Way through this tragedy is not to only await these policy forming processes and organisational methods which are completely managed but to focus entirely on dealing with the direct result of rape and abuse and a key focus on victims and recovery. The main thrusts of these

The main thrusts of these top-heavy processes leave very little actual healing support for victims and lobbying, policies are good, but how to recover from sexual abuse, rape, and violent torture is still lacking impetus after years of highlighting this problem leaving no real help for victims. A general lack of dealing with the real issues at hand, which is sexual wellness and sex education, should be addressed.We propose the following:

We propose the following:
• Inception of a sexual wellness platform called TLC for women
• TLC for women physical trauma centers in most major cities, integrating a national network of sexologists,  medical professionals and Tantric and sexual wellness practitioners who are trained in somatic bodywork. A code of ethics supports these somatic bodyworkers in facilitating therapeutic support for survivors.
• The roll out of a rape recovery program compacted in dvd to every rape survivor to be disseminated by organisations dealing with survivors.
• A national healing hotline manned by professionals
• An on-going televised sexual healing show for survivors of abuse and sexual abuse which gives survivors easy access to healing in the protective sanctuary of their homes.
• A sexual wellness training program for all parents and orphanages as well as professionals dealing with sexual abuse.
• Sexological bodywork for women who have suffered genital mutilation and clitoridectomies. It is estimated 11 million women suffer from this ghastly practice a year.
• Dealing with sexual deformity and recognition of suffering after injury helping a woman find her identity after a rape and sexual deconstruction.

Please, can you help us better these ladies lives. Any amount of donation would be greatly appreciated.


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