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Hello everyone,

My name is Marc Nathanson and I am currently studying towards my psychology honours degree at the University of the Witwaterstrand, Johannesburg.

I am struggling to articulate my desires because of my pride and shyness but if I don’t ask, I will never know so I do hope that you read on.

I want to raise money for a car and I do fear that it may come across as selfish but I do implore you to please read my story as a car will help me achieve my educational, family and religious goals.

I have been an academic for 5 years, paying my way through loans and bursaries and I have toiled through these years to pursue Medicine, a career I have aspired to go into since high school, but never achieved the results as I didn’t cope too well with family traumas, the principle of my high school embezzling money, meaning teachers were retrenched so we had no guidance and financial stresses to the degree of eviction, but now, I have the opportunity to pursue this dream.

I do, however, have to study science prerequisites and write an entrance exam which will be extremely taxing on all faculties of my being and I will dedicate every moment I can, to achieve my dream but this is where I need your help.

I have struggled with public transport for years and I have lost out on many hours of studying waiting and commuting. A journey that could take me 30 minutes takes me 2 hours as I have to take a bus from one campus to the next and a taxi from town to home and often times I cannot stay late at university because I have to leave early so I can get public transport and not risk my safety in town, meaning I have to wait till the next day to use the resources the university offers and next year, one of my classes will be at night so the stress will be immense without a car.

A car will allow me to be way more productive academically, but allow me to follow my spiritual path, and continue my duties as a son. I hope to convert to orthodoxy next year and having a car would allow me to attend classes and sessions without losing out on time that public transport takes. I also visit my mom, who suffered from severe depression and is at an old age home (as she developed contractures and lost her ability to be mobile so they look after her) 3 times a week and I would normally walk to see her to ensure she always knows that I am there for her.

With such a hectic year next year, I will still visit her, but it will put me under an immense amount of stress and I implore you to help.

I am not the person to sit back, this year, I have taken on being a full-time student, working 4 part-time jobs to save, leading a youth movement and being there for my mom and I want to take on more but it is exhausting. I also took on a fundraiser for Wits students, alongside the SRC to raise funds for students as I know the need is great and it proved to be successful. I am also a part of a non-profit organisation who use sport as a vehicle to train coaches so that they can make a living for themselves and train youngsters in sport and beyond.

I want to get a car that will be able to last me a great number of years as I will not be able to earn significantly until I finish Medical school so I plead with you, help me raise funds to get a car.

I would greatly appreciate your donations.

I thank you so much.

Kind regards,


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