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I never knew that tug-of-war was such a fantastic sport! In addition to the physical advantages, it breeds confidence, self-discipline as well as excellent team spirit.

Paarl Boishaai is a very small team, no more than 37 boys participating at any one stage, with the number dwindling to 22 towards the end of the season. The WP Boland championship was held on Saturday the 10th of March, and Boishaai team managed to bring home a bronze medal for the 560kg class, as well as another bronze for the 600kg. It’s a tough sport, in extreme weather conditions, but these boys have such heart that every parent involved back their boys 300%. And every year they manage to achieve.

There is not much funding from the school’s budget, therefore the onus lies with the parents to execute their own fundraising.

This year the SA championships are being held in Kimberley, which makes it even more costly. In addition to food, transport and accommodation, the correct clothing is required and the boys need to follow a strict diet before (to ensure that they do not exceed their weight) as well as during the competitions. Then there is the first aid chest, which needs to be stocked, and when you see some of the injuries on the field, you will understand why. Pulled ligaments, torn hands, to mention but a few.

It’s been a long time since I have seen such big boys (well, just about adult) cry in the open. Last year the silver medal team boys (Drostdy High) burst out in tears because they lost the final pull, and thus the honour to represent SA during the world championship. This year the world championship is being held in SA, an even bigger incentive for our Boishaai team to make it to Kimberley and perform to their utmost best.

If you are in the position to make a donation, every single rand will be appreciated.

Yes, fundraising is very much like tug-of-war…it’s never easy, it takes determination, and at the heart of it all lies teamwork!

Thank you for your invaluable contributions.

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