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I matriculated in 2012, with 5As and 2Bs from Nirvana Secondary School in Lenasia. After that, I took a year off to complete my religious studies. I am a qualified Hafez of the Quraan. I grew up in Greyville, a drug infested community, and decided this is not the life I wanted for my family and myself. I was always fascinated by the human body and the way it functioned, that coupled with 2 specific traumatic experiences, the death of my grandmother when I was 12 years old, and the passing of my epileptic neighbour, who was just 29 years old at the time. This further enhanced my passion to become a physician and contribute positively to society, by doing what I love most, helping people.

I did not get accepted locally, but despite this, I desperately wanted to pursue my dream. My parents granted me the opportunity to study abroad for which I will be eternally grateful. I have completed 4 years of my BSc.M.D degree, and have just my clinical rotations (practical) left, which is just 18 months long. My parents have funded my studies completely by themselves until now.

They have a steel business (Akbro Steel) which they run together and where we receive our sole income from. Unfortunately, for the past year or so, the business has not been doing well, and due to that, I had to take a semester off and assist at home. If I take another semester off, my university will charge a further 600 USD penalty re-registration fee if my parents and I somehow do manage to raise the funds. My family is currently in a lot of debt, and I plead to anyone that can help me finish my studies so that I can relieve my parents from this current stressful period, save my family and be a good example to my 2 younger brothers.

I am currently a deferred student at the Textile American University (Guyana). They are a private medical school. I will sincerely appreciate any help and if anyone would like to know more or require any documentation/results I will gladly provide it.

Thanking you in advance for your support.

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